RURAL ROAD MAINTENANCETRAINING MODULESFOR FIELD ENGINEERS Module-6 : Hand Tools, Equipment and Construction Materials

The purpose of this training manual is to provide technical management staff and contractors with appropriate guidelines for the effective management of road maintenance works. Ministry of Rural Development Government of India, October 2015


Research Handbook on EU Labour Law

A book presenting comparative research on the relatively new field of EU Labour Law. The book brings together leading scholars on EU labour law in order to assess the “state of the art” and propose future research. The experts’ contribution is grouped in four broad categories: Cross cutting themes, individual employment law, collective labour law and equality law. The book is edited by Alan Bogg, Cathlyn Costello and A.C.L. Davies and published in 2016 by Edward Edgar Publishing.


New in the Nordic countries: Work inclusion of Migrants

This report sets out the efforts to achieve faster integration of refugees and foreign-born residents in the labour market in the Nordic region. Nino Simic, Kristin Marklund, Ann Jönsson, Helena Lagercrantz, Caroline Lagercrantz, David Erichsen, Joan Rask, Jeanette Björkqvist, Bjørn Kvaal, Annska Ólafsdóttir, Nordic Council of Ministers, 2018


European Commission-Labour Market Integration of Third Country Nationals in EU Member States

This Synthesis Report has been produced by the European Migration Network (EMN), which comprises the European Commission, its Service Provider (ICF) and EMN National Contact Points (EMN NCPs). The study was part of the 2018 Work Programme for the EMN.


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