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Integration of Third-Country Nationals in the Construction sector

ΤCNs wishing to enter the labour market as construction workers will be supported to overcome cultural differences and language barriers, familiarise with the local employment policies and be exposed to EU-wide occupational health and safety regulations applicable in their host countries thus improving their odds for employment.

Construction work is more and more left to Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) workers who are hired for specific work tasks and for unskilled work by (sub-)contractors. For many TCNs, construction work is the entrance to the labour market. Because of cultural differences, language barriers and knowledge about national policies, these workers have a higher potential to be exposed to work-related risk factors and labour market exclusion.

What the In2C project aims to do?

In2C aims at the “Integration of TCNs in the Construction Sector (In2C)”.

The project aspires to provide innovative set of tools and materials that are crucial for TCNs’ integration in the labour market enhancing not only TCNs’ language skills and knowledge on work-related issues, but also the networking among TCNs and employers.