Overall objective

In2C project aims to facilitate and foster early and effective integration of TCNs in labor market, specifically in the construction sector, through an integrated training, mainly focusing on enhancing their skills in host country language and networking with employers, in four project partner countries (Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Sweden).

Specific  objectives

  1. Raising awareness and promoting In2C, using popular media and available channels.
  2. Using partners’ past experience to identify labor market needs, good practices and barriers for the effective integration of TCNs into the host country labor market in construction sector.
  3. Conducting a research survey in 4 participating countries and use the results drawn from the comparative report to guide the development of training material.
  4. Developing training tools in an In2C Training Package, that will contain learning material in the fields of terminology glossary, technical vocabulary, health and safety and labor legislation. 
  5. Developing 2 multilingual applications and the In2C e-platform, containing an efficient database with all learning material.
  6. Building an online assessment tool, that will evaluate TCNs’ learning competency.
  7. Informing employers of In2C benefits in TCNs’ effort to be incorporated in the working environment of construction sector. Creating a network that will interlink Employers and TCNs. Showcasing In2C in workshops, organizing a European conference..