Decentralized Network (DN): a personal data management system for the In2C Project

Decentralized Network (DN): a personal data management system for the In2C Project

The In2C Project partnership unanimously approves the DN for the protection of personal data of the participants in the In2C Project according to the European GDPR.

The proposal, prepared and presented by DOCUMENTA at the 2nd Consortium Meeting in Madrid, was definitively approved by the partnership at the last Skype meeting on April 24.

The approved final document -Decentralized Network. Description & Management Guidelines- responds to the need to collect the evidences demanded in the AMIF Management Guide, respecting the mandatory guidelines of the new European GDPR; the paper is structured in three different blocks:

  • Decentralized Network: Description and main characteristics
  • Management Guidelines.
  • Annexes

The first block includes the philosophy and characteristics of the DN, with special emphasis on aspects such as the responsibility of each partner with respect to their own Database, the non-transfer and centralization of data at a European level, the partners as structural nodes of the network, and the need to generate trust and reciprocity between the partners to create Social Capital in the Network.

The second block details the operational aspects for the creation of the Database: minimum information, collection of evidence, etc.

Finally, the annexes provide the necessary templates for its application.

All the information and evidence collected during the implementation of the In2C Project will be available to the AMIF Authority and the Project Coordinator under the agreed conditions.