Dissemination event held by TCG for the integration of Trird Country Nationals

Dissemination event held by TCG for the integration of Trird Country Nationals

A dissemination event, in order to present the European project “In2C - Integration of third country nationals in the construction sector” was implemented by the Technical Chamber of Greece – Regional Department of Central and Western Thessaly, in Larissa, on Monday 21 October 2019. The project, co-funded by the European Union, from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020, aims to facilitate the timely and effective integration of Third Country Nationals into the construction labor market.

The president, Nikos Papageorgiou, in his inaugural address said:

“It is a great honor for me to be at the helm of TCG-CWT at this time. We are charting a new European course. This project is a huge success for TCG, as it now becomes an interlocutor of the European Commission and helps shape the EU's policies. It is the first time in the history of TCG across Greece that it is involved in a European project.

Additionally, through the project, the Technical Chamber creates a communication channel with partners in Spain, Sweden and Cyprus, exchanges views and acquires experience and know-how on issues related to the construction industry. We see our assets in relation to other countries but also where we are lagging behind. As a responsible social partner, but also as the State’s Technical Advisor, we must promote good practices and push for our country to adopt them too.”

The meeting was greeted by the Deputy Mayor of Business Planning and Technical Works of the Municipality of Larissa, Georgios Soultis, who pointed out that this is a very important project. He also referred to the recent signing of a program agreement between the Municipality and TCG for the remodeling and reception of new functions in the schoolyards and said he was confident there would be further future cooperation between the two institutions.

During the event, the members of the In2C Team, Athanasios Kokkalis and Dr. Dorothea Kassiteropoulou, gave a brief presentation of the project and the partners, Dr. Ioannis Tolias, also a member of the team, presented the results of a field survey for the needs of employers, Maria Nikolaidou, from the Office of European Programs of the Municipality of Larissa, reported on the results of a field survey for the needs of Third Country Nationals.

George Petrou, on behalf of DIMITRA educational organization, presented the Third Country Nationals Skills Assessment Tool from employers and Dr. Catherine Baxevanou, a member of the TCG In2C team, talked about the future actions of the project. A round table discussion was held afterwards regarding the subject of the program.